Camden Haven SLSC

15th April 2017

SLSA – Meritorious Award – 2016/2017 Season

SLSNSW Rescue of the Year – 2016/2017 Season

A woman was in difficulty off South Beach, Dunbogan, 200 meters offshore in large and dangerous conditions and was unable to make it back to the beach. She had been in the water from approximately 40 minutes. The Camden Haven SLSC Call-Out Team were notified at 3.45pm on Saturday 14th April 2017.

The IRB was launched from the beach and headed to South Beach, all before 4.00pm. A second team were sent to South Beach by car, carrying lifesaving equipment if needed.

As the IRB rounded Point Perpendicular, the whole beach was a white out due to rough conditions and wave size, so the IRB sung towards the shore. As they approached the beach, bystanders were waving and pointing out to sea in the direction of where the women was.

The IRB immediately headed out in the direction shown by the people on the beach after going over a large wave, at least 3 meters (8 to 10 feet) high and down into the trough they spotted the women in the water. Tony pulled the female into the IRB. She was conscious and shivering. He was able to assess she had taken in water and put her in the recovery position in the IRB. Phil took them back to shore where they were met by the bystanders and the paramedics.

Without the swift actions of the Camden Haven Call-Out Team, a life would surely have been lost.

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