Wauchope Bonny Hills SLSC

30th September 2023

SLSNSW Rescue of the Month – September 2023

Lifesavers and Lifeguards involved: Steven Monaghan, Nick Player, Dylan Sainsbury, Grace Monaghan, Lucy Monaghan, Emma Eggins, Jordie Gibson, Zac Swan, Ben Hamel.

On Saturday 30 September, just the second weekend of the patrol season, at around 3.45pm lifesavers at Wauchope Bonny Hills SLSC were called into action following initial reports of six people being swept out to sea in a rip near Seaside Drive, north of the surf club.

With the IRB in process of being packed onto a trailer to tow back to the club, Patrol Captain, Dylan Sainsbury acted quickly and decided to have IRB driven up the beach for launch to save time.

The patrol team of Steve Monaghan, Nick Player, Lucy Monaghan, Grace Monaghan, Emma Eggins, Jordie Gibson along with Lifeguards Zac Swan, Ben Hamel all played a role, with the IRB team of Steve and Nick flagged down at Middle Rock by onlookers and pointed towards the first noticeable swimmer in distress – a woman near the rocks.

While Emma and Lucy talked to the crowd for further information, the IRB was launched despite tough conditions brought about by a strong north-easterly and retrieved the first woman to bring her back to shore.

With difficulty arising through the radio communications, lifesavers on shore directed the IRB crew to what would prove to be two more struggling swimmers – the second of which being a man who had floated much further out to sea than the others and was in a much more serious condition.

The IRB crew pulled him semi-conscious into the boat with severe swelling of the eyes from water onboarding. His rescue and that of the other swimmers, was testament to the fantastic teamwork and determination of the Patrol team to achieve a successful outcome.

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