South West Rocks SLSC

4th February 2012

SLSNSW Rescue of the Month – February 2012


On February 4th, 2012 at approximately 10.15am Mick Adams was on patrol at Horseshoe Bay when he noticed a young girl struggling in a rip at the northern end of the beach. Mick immediately notified his Patrol Captain, Ron Royle and the patrol team sprang into action.

The conditions on the day were treacherous with large 2-meter surf and an extremely strong rip that was running along the northern end of the beach and out the headland.

Noticing her friend was in difficulty, another young girl entered the surf and became caught in the rip. Very quickly both girls were in need of immediate assistance and were being swept out and around the headland at a rapid rate.

Ron dispatched Mick with a rescue tube and Alec Dornan with a recue board to go to the aid of the two girls. Both Mick and Alec aby this stage had almost reached the two girls, who were dangerously close to being washed onto the rocks by the large surf. Mick reached the girls just as a large set washed through and managed to assist the girls out to Alec on the rescue board. Alec immediately paddled away from the rocks and out of the rip current with both girls to where the other rescuers were waiting to assist.

All four patrol members and both girls then slowly made their way back to shore safely. Both girls were uninjured and were extremely grateful to their rescuers.

The excellent surveillance work and quick response by this patrol prevented an imminent tragedy from occurring in extremely difficult conditions.

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